Our Systems Make Cleaning a Breeze

Turn to us for central vacuum installation services in St. Petersburg, Bradenton & Tampa, FL

Want cleaner, healthier air in your home? Contact Roger's Central Vacuum. We offer central vacuum installations in St. Petersburg, Bradenton & Tampa, FL. When we're finished, you'll no longer have to deal with portable vacuums that recycle vacuumed allergens back into the air through their exhaust. Central vacuum systems extract dirt and dust and make sure they end up outside of your living space.

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Signs your central vacuum system needs repairs

Your central vacuum system wasn't cheap, so when it's not working properly it can be frustrating. We'll get your system fixed fast so you can go back to the efficient cleaning process that you've gotten used to. You'll know it's time to contact us for central vacuum services if:

  • You're not getting enough suction
  • Your hose isn't working when plugged into some inlet valves
  • Your system is making strange noises

Contact us now to arrange for central vacuum services.